To report your Umpqua Card as lost or stolen:

  • For a Debit or ATM Card: Call us at 1-866-4UMPQUA (1-866-486-7782) and select Option 1
  • For a Personal Credit Card: Call 1-800-558-3424
  • For a Business Credit Card: Call 1-866-552-8855
  • For a Commercial Card: Call 1-866-777-9013
  • For a Prepaid Card including Everyday Cash Cards, Payroll Cards and Registered Gift Cards: Call 1-866-255-5362 and select Option 1

To report possible identity theft:

Report the theft to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Their website is also the best source for identity theft guidance.

Federal Trade

Suspect your stolen card is only part of the picture? See our fraud & identity theft section.

Manage and protect your money

To help our customer manage and protect their money, Umpqua offers Visa Purchase Alerts, which allows you to receive text or email notifications whenever your card is used. 

Enroll in Visa Purchase Alerts to receive alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity.