January 5, 2017 - fraudulent calls

There have been multiple reports of customers receiving phone calls that appear to be coming from Umpqua Bank's Customer Resource Center where the caller is claiming that there is some upcoming "unexpected maintenance" and Umpqua is giving $100 gift cards once the activation fee of $4.95 has been paid.  The reports that we have received request that you call 1-800-621-1971.

These phone calls are not Umpqua Bank, the callers are using a method called spoofing to mask the actual number they are calling from and making it appear the call is coming from our Customer Resource Center.  Please do not provide any information to the caller and report any incidents.

How can I tell whether a phone call is legitimate?
It's simple.  We will never call you (or text or email you) to ask for your debit card information, account number or confidential information. Rather, we will only request confidential information to verify your identity when you contact us.  If you receive a suspicious call purporting to be from Umpqua, hang up and call us at 1-866-4UMPQUA (1-866-486-7782) or email us at reportphishing@umpquabank.com