February 12, 2018 | Career Path

Comedy Writer Baratunde Thurston Talks Money and Happiness

Open Account Podcast
Season 1, Episode 2


Earning a living off being true to yourself and the happiness that comes from doing what you love

Baratunde Thurston is having it all. He wrote a New York Times best seller, How to Be Black, he was the Director of Digital for The Onion and he’s now landed the biggest job of his life: Digital Producer of The Daily Show. His work is honest, funny, poignant and prolific.

Hit play to listen to the full episode, where SuChin Pak talks to Baratunde about his financially-unstable childhood in D.C to his thriving adult-life in NYC and what fuels him to live his best life.

Open Account is a podcast that promotes real and necessary conversations about the role money plays in American life. It’s hosted by SuChin Pak, and brought to you by Umpqua Bank and Slate Group Studios.

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