February 14, 2018 | Family Life

Get Schooled: Real Kids Talk about Money with SuChin Pak on Open Account

Open Account podcast:Season 2, Episode 4

Do your kids know where money comes from?

On Open Account, host SuChin Pak gets honest with guests from every walk of life, from venture capitalists to public defenders, about how Americans find harmony with the money in their lives. But what about kids? Where are they getting their information about finances, and what’s their perception of this mysterious entity that plays such a huge role in their parents’ lives?

This episode’s guests are regular kids, aged five to nine, from various schools and households in Portland, Oregon. SuChin asks them the tough questions: How do people make money? How important is money? What should we do with our money?

While the details are still fuzzy, these kids have a surprisingly strong grasp of their values, including generosity, equality, and family. Listen if you want to laugh, be surprised, and get a few good lessons from real kids talking honestly about money.

Open Account is a podcast that promotes real and necessary conversations about the role money plays in American life. It’s hosted by SuChin Pak, and brought to you by Umpqua Bank and Slate Group Studios.

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