Business Banker

Brandon Hurst

About Brandon
Seattle, WA

When Brandon consults with his clients he is focused on their business profitability. Whether it’s growing to a new size, sustaining your current size, or expanding into new opportunities Brandon is focused on making your business easier and more profitable to manage. As a Business Relationship Banker, it’s not just about loans but a trusted financial advocate, helping you think through your cash flow cycles, customer service, controls, exit plans, regulatory compliance, and even ownership. His unique ability to see the big picture, provide personable, strategic advice and connect businesses with local resources makes him an invaluable resource to any small business looking to grow.


When he’s not out working with his clients, Brandon loves putting his M.Div. to use by reading theology and philosophy books. He’s also an avid, life-long Manchester United fan who enjoys watching games with his wife and young daughter.

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