The benefits, in a nutshell

  • Deposit checks electronically & securely from your office
  • Consolidate deposits quickly into your account
  • Reduce (or eliminate) courier costs

expressDeposit Simple - Up to 50 checks per day

If you deposit up to 50 checks a day, simple will make life easier.

  • RDM dual pass scanner processes up to nine items per minute
  • Provides a low cost, two-sided imaging solution

expressDeposit Select - Up to 250 checks per day

If you're processing up to 250 checks per day, batch your deposits with select.

  • MyVision X scanner allows up to 90 checks at a time
  • Scanner reads checks, imprints identification information, and captures front and back images
  • Additional Remote Deposit features included
  • Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR)
  • Legal Amount Recognition (LAR)
  • Full-Service Automated Keying of Amounts
  • MICR Repair
  • Deposit Balancing
  • Electronic Notification of Deposit

expressDeposit Remit Plus - Up to 20,000 checks

If you accept a large volume of checks and coupon remittances, remit plus will simplify your workload.

  • Canon CR-180 scanner is a completely customizable compact dual pocket check capture system; processes checks of all size
  • Reads MICR data and imprints endorsement information
  • Scans 180 two-sided checks per minute
  • Additional Remit Plus features include:
  • High speed scanning and image capture
  • Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR)
  • Legal Amount Recognition (LAR)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Bar code recognition
  • Transaction Balancing
  • Multiple payment types
  • Image archival and retrieval