Main Street Money Market

With our Main Street Money Market, the more your business keeps in the account, the higher the rate. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of check writing and debit card usage.

account details

  • $100 minimum to open
  • Earns interest. Higher balance=better rate
  • Online banking
  • Umpqua Debit Card
  • Combined statements
  • Check writing
  • Tie to a checking account for overdraft transfers
  • Build your balance with automatic transfers from a checking account
  • Unlimited complimentary Umpqua ATM and in-store withdrawals
  • Six total withdrawals and transfers allowed per month
  • Depositing your first 50 checks and $10,000 cash per month complimentary
  • Monthly pricing options:
     $0 with a $2,500 minimum daily balance

rate details

Earns interest. Call or come into a store for details.

Questions? Call us at 1-866-486-7782.


Monthly pricing options

All other fees apply. 

Withdrawals and transfers

This account allows six total withdrawals and transfers per month. Withdrawals and transfers include: bill payments, telephone transfers, ACH payments, drafts, checks and point of sale transactions. Excess transaction fees apply if limit is exceeded. Unlimited complimentary Umpqua ATM and in-store withdrawals.


Your first 50 checks and $10,000 cash deposited per month are complimentary. Otherwise, $0.30 per check deposited and per $100 cash deposited.

Click here for Business Rules and Regulations

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