ACH services

Streamline payments and reduce transaction costs with electronic credits and debits. Services including direct deposit, direct debit, business-to-business transactions, and cash concentration and disbursement allow you to pay vendors, distribute payroll and collect dues and payments with the click of your mouse. 

Wholesale and retail lockbox

Process payments more cost effectively by outsourcing your accounts receivable to Umpqua Bank. Streamline the receivables process and gain access to your funds more quickly, whether you have a high volume of small credit card payments or just a few large checks. 

Remote deposit capture (expressDeposit)

Save time and money when you scan and send checks to your Umpqua Bank account using expressDeposit. No waiting. No courier fees. No leaving your store or office. Setting up and using the compact scanning device is fast and simple. Learn More.

Cash vault:

If you deposit large volumes of cash, we'll process and credit it to your account safely once your armored courier service delivers it to our cash vault.