Analyzed Business Checking

As your business grows your banking relationship becomes more complicated. Account analysis makes managing your business accounts and services easy while leveraging your balances to offset the cost of the services you use. Umpqua's account analysis system calculates and reports your monthly activity and charges to give you a complete month-end snapshot of your banking relationship. Your analysis statement summarizes monthly account balance information in addition to providing you with a detailed listing of your monthly activity charges, categorized by related service.

How analysis can benefit your business:

  • Provides you with a detailed monthly overview of your account balances and activity
  • Allows you to offset service charges with an earnings credit on your average positive balance
  • Multiple accounts can be analyzed together, leveraging combined balances to help offset the cost of services
  • Enables you to monitor service charges and determine the necessary balance requirements to offset service fee
  • Delivers information which helps you to quickly evaluate the use of available funds
  • Strengthens your cash management control

Sweep services

Automate your daily cash management decisions. We'll monitor your account balances daily and transfer funds where they'll do the most good.

Investment Sweep
An automated investment sweep1 links your business checking account with an overnight investment option, allowing you to minimize the idle cash balances in your checking account and potentially maximize the return you earn on excess funds invested. Take advantage of:

  • Greater return potential
  • Liquidity if your funds ever fall below your target balance; money is automatically transferred back from the investment account to your checking account
  • Added convenience with transfers that are automated between your business checking account and investment account, which provides better cash management

Line of Credit Sweep
A loan sweep offers maximum use of funds by linking your line of credit2 to your business checking account. Transfers are automatically initiated and advanced from the line of credit (LOC) to cover insufficient funds when needed.  A loan sweep will also automatically pay down the LOC balance when excess collected funds exist.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)
Eliminate excess balances in separate accounts by using Umpqua's ZBA service. It provides an easy, fully automated way to separate specialized disbursement or depository activity into distinct sub-accounts while retaining cash in a single master operating account.

1    Investments are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits of the bank and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal invested

2    Subject to credit approval