ACH services

Streamline payments and reduce transaction costs with electronic credits and debits. Services including direct deposit, direct debit, business-to-business transactions, and cash concentration and disbursement allow you to pay vendors, distribute payroll and collect dues and payments with the click of your mouse. 

Commercial purchasing Visa® card

The Visa® Commercial One Card helps you control and efficiently manage corporate expenses. The One Card is a single charge card account that combines travel and entertainment with procurement and fleet card features for unified processing, simplified management and maximized savings. Now you can manage it all with just one process, one staff, one card issuer and one invoice.

Controlled disbursements

Maximize use of available funds, simplify and standardize disbursements and forecast your cash position with our accurate reporting and notification options. Get daily totals online, or via fax or e-mail. 

MODTM payroll card (money-on-demand)

Directly deposit employees' paychecks onto a PIN-protected debit card. You'll save time and money on paycheck processing, and your employees will have immediate, secure access to their pay. They can use their MOD cards to make purchases and withdraw money, even if they don't have a bank account. 

Telephone tax payment system (TTaxplus)

Make a single phone call to pay state and federal taxes with our convenient touch-tone phone tax-payment system.

Wire transfers

Quickly and easily originate one-time or recurring wire transfers via our secure centralized wire room, or with commercial online banking. Amounts can be fixed or varied.