ACH services

Simplify account payables and reduce transaction costs with electronic payments. Pay your vendors efficiently and include invoice details with your payment. Deposit payroll directly to employee accounts safely and securely. They will appreciate the convenience and you'll enjoy the cost savings.

Tax payment services

Use one convenient service for all your tax payments - state and federal. Initiate online tax payments to multiple federal and state entities via our secure website,  or using a touch-tone telephone.

Wire transfers

Quickly and easily originate one-time or recurring wire transfers via online banking or through your local store. Same-day settlement of funds wired to domestic accounts. Online wires to foreign accounts supported in either USD or foreign currencies. Receive online confirmations of outgoing wires that include bank and FED reference numbers.

Commercial Card

Efficiently manage business expenses and gain productivity.

Key Features:
Advanced Online Reporting Tools

Expense Controls
  • Greater security and control over employee spending through use of customized limit
  • Controlled spend guidelines by card type, employee, purchase type or department level
  • Fleet management providing clear oversight of fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses

Customized Billing and Payment Options
  • Select the statement cycle and due date that's right for your organization
  • Choose Corporate or Individual Billing preferences to suit your company's needs

Complimentary Benefits
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Lost luggage reimbursement
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver
  • Worldwide emergency card replacement and emergency cash 
  • Visa® Liability Waiver Program 

Click here to submit a request for a Commercial Card Representative to contact your business.

Payroll Card

Deposit employee paychecks directly to a Prepaid Payroll Card.

  • Reduce payroll costs and streamline payroll processes
  • Deliver pay on time no matter what
  • Minimize fraud losses, theft, stop payment costs and out-of-cycle checks
  • Simplify payment to temporary, part-time and seasonal employees
  • Fulfill termination pay requirements more easily  

The Prepaid Payroll Card works just like a Visa® debit card, allowing your employees to receive payroll funds on the card, get cash, use the card at millions of retailers that accept Visa® debit cards and be protected from fraudulent transactions.