Relationship Manager

John Jenkins

About John
San Jose, CA

Storytelling and brand building is arguably one of the most important parts of any business. John started out as a photojournalist for daily newspapers, honing his eye for strong narratives and interesting stories. He then took those storytelling abilities to the world of corporate marketing where he helped brands like GTE, Qwest and Kinko’s create multimedia marketing campaigns. Today, he helps Umpqua Bank and its businesses tell a variety of stories. His unique ability to communicate effectively and precisely has inspired employees to boost market share and reach greater heights.


Outside the office, John is an art lover, a photographer, and an avid traveler, taking summer hiking vacations every year to exotic locations including Yosemite, the Cotswolds, Camino de Santiago, and the Cinque Terre. The trips inspire his imagination, his art, and refresh his love of storytelling.