Director of Asset Based Lending

Joseph Arco

About Joseph
Encino, CA

Joe has lived in Los Angeles for more than four decades. He moved to the area for high school, started working in commercial banking in college and never left the area.  As a result of his long tenure in the region, Joe understands the ebbs and flows of California businesses like few do. The Cal State graduate specializes in asset-based lending, with a great deal of experience starting new lending groups and managing banking units that work with a broad customer base and handle a variety of loan structures. Joe is an excellent communicator who works closely with his clients to improve operating efficiencies and increase profitability.


A deacon at his local church, Joe provides assistance to members in need and helps provide other critical life services like helping the homeless by providing food, clothing and shelter. In his spare time, Joe enjoys tackling reconstruction and rehab projects on his home because he likes working on his own projects.