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Your personal wealth is bolstered by the success of your business. As we explore your financial ecosystem, we learn what matters to you personally, what drives you and what you’d like to do next. Looking at your financial picture thoughtfully and holistically, we provide investment options and guidance tailored to your priorities.

Umpqua Wealth Management can help you:


  • Align your current lifestyle with your retirement goals.

  • Grow your wealth intentionally so you can have fun, pursue your passions and be purpose-driven.

  • Ensure the people/entities you care about are better off after you’re gone.

  • Plan for financial freedom and flexibility as life events occur.


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Wealth-oriented products and services

Grow your wealth

Our experts help you grow your wealth intentionally by connecting your passions with the philosophies that drive your success. Your best tomorrow starts with purpose-driven conversations today.






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Financial planning
Map out clear strategies for your financial future.


Investment guidance and advice
Get investment advice from dedicated professionals.


Investment management
Rely on our expert team to grow and protect your portfolio.


Private banking
Explore personalized, fully integrated wealth and banking solutions.

Plan for retirement

Balance living well now with retiring better, later. Our advisors can help by talking with you about a flexible plan that considers current cash flow needs and your dreams for tomorrow.






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Risk-based retirement planning
Choose the right level of investment risk for each life stage.


Tax planning
Plan ahead to reduce the effect of taxes on your retirement.


Succession planning
Smooth your exit and leave your business in good hands.


Debt and liability management
Minimize your debt burden before you stop working.

Provide for your family


Leave a legacy for your family, friends and community. Together, we build a strategy for giving that benefits others while still helping you meet your own financial aspirations.






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Estate and trust planning services
Make sure your family is well taken care of after you’re gone.


Philanthropic and gift planning
Give with purpose while keeping your financial plan on track.


Insurance and annuities
Create a safety net.


Long-term care planning
Make plans for your care later in life.

Other connected business solutions

Check out our other holistic approaches to advancing your business.

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