Let's change how we talk about money.

Guests: Margaret & Leif Jacobsen

Let’s talk about money.

We've always been told it's impolite, but on Open Account, host SuChin Pak embraces the discussion. Why is money so stressful, confusing and laden with complexity? It doesn't have to be. We believe that when we open up and share, the social taboo begins to lose its grip on our decisions, our conversations, and our everyday lives. Join us as we uncover real stories from real people about making, losing and living with money. This is Open Account; honest conversations about money, with the people who use it. Scroll down to listen to all available episodes of season 3, and check out seasons 1 and 2.


Sixty one years ago a small town in Southern Oregon didn't have a bank, so the community came together and built one. Today, we're the West Coast's largest community bank, with over 400 locations and experts in everything from personal and business banking to commercial and home lending.

We're here to empower conversations around finance, and help our neighbors get wherever they're trying to go.


Our flagship stores are designed to foster the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the communities we serve. You're invited to host a private meeting, use a conference room, or reserve the entire store for special events.

Devoted retail space showcases local businesses - we sell their goods and pass on all the proceeds. Additional amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi, computers, printers, and our signature coffee and tea.

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(1) Marketplace Business Checking Disclosure:  Save up to $425 in complimentary services. Example of up to $425 in complimentary services within the first month of opening a Marketplace Checking account includes a first Umpqua check order discount through Harland Clarke ($150), 500 checks paid and deposited ($175), $20,000 cash deposited and/or purchased ($40), and first four incoming wire transfer fees refunded per monthly cycle ($60). Other terms, conditions and fees may apply. All products are subject to bank approval.
(2) Merchant Disclosure:  Merchant Services $500 Meet-or-Beat comparison will be based on a review of all Merchant Services processing charges shown on two months of recent merchant processing statements at the current network association rates, which are subject to change by the individual networks. Offer excludes hardware, software, supply costs and third-party costs. This offer applies only to merchants who do not currently have a merchant account with Umpqua Bank Merchant Services or merchants with franchise or association pricing. To be eligible for this offer, the merchant must have a minimum of $10,000 per month in combined Visa, MasterCard and Discover sales volume and demonstrate PCI and EMV compliance. This offer is not to be combined with any other offer for Merchant Services. Referral and Merchant Services statements must be received prior to November 30, 2017, to be eligible. Limit one per customer and business. If the merchant eligible, Umpqua Bank will credit $500 to merchant's Umpqua Bank Business Checking Account no later than December 31, 2017. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the account holder. Offer is subject to change without notice.
(3) Paychex Payroll Services Disclosure: To be eligible to receive an invoice credit ("Invoice Credit") of up to two hundred dollars ($200.00) an Umpqua Bank customer must (1) be referred to Paychex between October 2, 2017 - January 31, 2018 (the "Program Effective Dates"); (2) process their first payroll between October 2, 2017 and February 28, 2018 and (3) continue to process payroll for sixty (60) days following their first processed payroll. Paychex will apply the Invoice Credit within thirty (30) days following sixty days of uninterrupted services. Except as agreed to by Paychex this Program cannot be combined with other offers. The Invoice Credit amount earned in this Program depends on the products selected, and will be applied only to your Paychex service fees for payroll processing, tax payment services, employee pay services and any bundled service package. Invoice Credits must be used within 3 months of receipt, and will not be paid or refunded. This Program is subject to termination at any time at the sole discretion of Paychex. Invoice Credits earned during the Program shall continue to be applied following termination of the Program.
(4) Business Online Payroll Disclosure: To receive the two months of Business Online Payroll at no charge, an Umpqua Bank customer must (1) be referred to Business Online Payroll between October 2, 2017 and January 31, 2018 (the "Program Effective Dates"); (2) become a Business Online Payroll customer; and (3) process billable payroll with Business Online Payroll between October 2, 2017 and February 28, 2018 to qualify for the first two months. If an eligible Umpqua Bank customer meets the above criteria, Business Online Payroll will waive the Umpqua Bank customer's minimum monthly service fees (not to exceed $54.99 per month) for the first two months. The offer covers payroll and tax management service fees for up to 5 employees; Umpqua Bank customers with more than 5 employees will incur $2.00 per employee per month service fee for each employee over 5. There may be additional exception fees. Waived service fee may only be applied to the first 2 months and will not be paid or refunded. The offer may not be combined with any other discount and is subject to change and termination at any time at the sole discretion of Business Online Payroll.