Register your Umpqua debit or credit card with your phone's mobile wallet (i.e. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, etc.)

Simple setup

To add your Umpqua cards to your phone's mobile wallet, simply locate the appropriate app on your phone, and follow the instructions for adding your card to the app.

Once we verify your card, you're all set! And if you run into any trouble, you can always give us a call at 1-866-4UMPQUA. 

More secure transactions

When you use one of these mobile wallets, your card number is replaced by a unique code (or "token") for each transaction. That means your actual debit or credit card numbers are never shared.

Payment at your fingertips

You can use your Umpqua cards with the push of a button on your mobile phone. Just unlock your phone and hold it up to the contactless reader at a participating retailer. That's it!