Oregon Disaster Assistance Payments (ODAP)

As part of recent legislation, the Oregon Legislature approved Oregon Disaster Assistance Payments, a disaster assistance program for Oregon’s farmers and ranchers who suffered losses due to natural disasters in 2021.

Umpqua Bank will be accepting applications from now until June 3, 2022. To begin the application process, the applicant’s individual with control (the person duly authorized by the applicant to apply for this program) must submit the form below. Most applications should be delivered within one business day. The individual with control will receive the application form via an email from DocuSign which will also require that the individual with control successfully complete an identity verification process. In addition, the individual with control will receive an email from ODAPServices@umpquabank.com containing a link to upload supporting documents.


To be eligible for funds under the program, an applicant must:

  1. Complete the required application and agreement;
  2. Have filed taxes in Oregon for farming or ranching operations located in the state of Oregon OR be associated with an Indian tribe as defined by ORS 391.802 with farming or ranching operations in Oregon;
  3. Have suffered an economic loss due to a qualifying natural disaster during 2021;
  4. Have a 2021 Adjusted Gross Income, or taxable income, of less than $500,000; and
  5. Be registered to do business and be in good standing with the State of Oregon.

Application Process

  • The ODAP application period will be open for approximately four (4) weeks for farmers and ranchers to submit applications to participating lending institutions.
  • Following the application window, Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) will:
    • Review application requests from all participating financial institutions, including Umpqua Bank; and
    • Determine, in its sole discretion, which applications to fund. ODA will prioritize distribution of ODAP funds to applicants who demonstrate the highest percentage of loss reported and distribute funds to eligible applicants in a random lottery system until the exhaustion of all available funds.
  • Depending on remaining funds availability and interest in the program, ODA may conduct a second round of ODAP applications.


Who is eligible for Oregon Disaster Assistance Payments (ODAP)? Open/Close icon

An individual or legal entity that files a 2021 Schedule F for farming and ranching in the State of Oregon and experienced a loss due to a qualified natural disaster is eligible to apply.

Do I have to be an existing Umpqua client to apply? Open/Close icon

No, any eligible applicants can submit an ODAP application through Umpqua Bank.

Can I apply for both the ODAP and the upcoming USDA disaster assistance program? Open/Close icon

Yes. However, recipients of ODAP assistance will be required to reimburse the State of Oregon if federal grant monies are received.

How do I apply for ODAP? Open/Close icon

To initiate an application process, you will need to complete a questionnaire. Fill out the form above to apply. Once the questionnaire is complete, an Umpqua Bank associate will send you a link to securely upload their application and supporting documentation.

How long do I have to apply? Open/Close icon

Applications will be accepted until June 3, 2022; no applications will be accepted after this time.

What documentation is required with my application? Open/Close icon

The following documentation should be provided at the time of application:

  • IRS Form Schedule F for tax years 2017, 2018, and 2019
  • IRS tax return for 2021, if available
  • If applicable, IRS Form Schedule F for tax year 2020
  • FSA documentation as needed
  • Alternatively, an ODAP Independent Income/Expense Verification Form can be substituted for the above documentation if it is completed and signed by the applicant’s independent accountant, attorney, or tax preparer.
What if my application is deemed incomplete? Open/Close icon

Upon receipt of your application, we will review and promptly notify you of any missing information. You will have 3 days to provide the requested information.

How much funding will I receive? Open/Close icon

Maximum loan amount is $125,000 or 90% of your 2021 decline in revenue when compared to your three-year revenue baseline, whichever is less. Some applicants, including those with less than $350,000 of gross farm income may be entitled to a payment calculated at 95% of their revenue decline to a maximum of $150,000.

How is my assistance payment calculated? Open/Close icon

Loan amounts are based on gross farm income reported on IRS Schedule F.  ODAP will measure 2021 loss by establishing a three-year baseline of expected gross farm income, based on an eligible producer’s mean income from 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Are there limitations on the payments? Open/Close icon

ODAP has a payment limitation of $125,000 or 90% of your 2021 decline in revenue when compared to your calculated three-year revenue baseline. For historically underserved or producers with less than $350,000 gross farm income, the limitations are $150,000 or 95% of the calculation above. Forgiveness will be determined based on actual tax filings and federal disaster assistance payments (if any). A producer’s federal assistance will be added to their 2021 gross farm income* and the limitation formula will be recalculated to determine forgiveness. Applicants may use estimated 2021 gross farm income if they have not filed their 2021 tax returns at time of application.

When will I know if I have been approved? Open/Close icon

This is not a first come first serve program, applications received on day 1 will be considered by the state at the same time as applications received on the last day. The state, in their sole discretion, will approve selected applications approximately two weeks from application end date. The state will make one funding only to the bank for disbursement to the borrowers; all funding is with State funds.

Is the loan funded by Umpqua Bank or the state of Oregon? Open/Close icon

Umpqua Bank (and participating Oregon banks and credit unions) will not fund the loans, but rather will facilitate the State’s payment by collecting applications. The State will review and determine which applications they will fund. Once that determination is made they will issue a single funding to Umpqua Bank and we in turn will disburse those proceeds to the payment recipients.

Will I have to repay my ODAP? Open/Close icon

Your ODAP may be forgivable. Once your loan is made, for forgiveness consideration, you will be required to submit a final 2021 Schedule F reflecting final gross income and any federal disaster payments received. If you receive any federal assistance it will be added to your 2021 gross farm income, and your eligible assistance payment will be recalculated to determine the amount of forgiveness. Your federal assistance payment will reduce the potential ODAP forgiveness amount.

How will it be determined if my loan will be forgiven? Open/Close icon
  1. If the Applicant is not receiving USDA Farm Service Agency disaster assistance for losses in 2021 and the Applicant provided copies of their filed 2021 tax return, the full balance of the loan granted is forgiven immediately upon granting the loan.
  2. Applicants who provided estimates for their 2021 Income will need to provide the lending institution with a copy of their 2021 tax return once it is filed with the IRS. The loan will be recalculated using the information from your tax returns. If the adjusted loan amount is greater than $1,000 less than the amount received, the applicant will be required to repay the difference and the remaining loan amount will be forgiven. Failure to provide a copy of the filed 2021 tax return on or before November 30, 2022, will result in the full loan balance being unforgiven and must be paid back in full.
  3. Applicants who applied for and were awarded USDA Farm Service Agency disaster assistance will need to provide the lending institution with a copy of their FSA award letter. The award amount will be added to the applicant’s 2021 income, and the loan will be recalculated using the adjusted income. If the adjusted loan amount is greater than $1,000 less than the amount received, the applicant will be required to pay the difference and any remaining loan amount will be forgiven. Failure to provide a copy of the FSA award letter on or before November 30, 2022, will result in the loan balance being unforgiven and must be paid back in full.
If my loan is forgiven, will it be considered taxable income? Open/Close icon

The amount forgiven will be reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service via IRS Form 1099.

Will my ODAP be fully forgiven if I didn’t receive any federal assistance payments? Open/Close icon

Yes, if you qualified for and received ODAP funding based on your filed 2021 tax returns, and if you did not receive federal disaster funds, the loan is forgiven once the loan is made. If The forgiveness determinations should be completed before November 1, 2022.

If not forgiven, when will it have to be paid back? Open/Close icon

For any portion of the loan this is not forgiven, it will be repaid on or before June 1, 2023.

Additional questions?

We are here to help. If you have additional questions about this program please send us an email at ODAPServices@umpquabank.com or call us directly at 1-833-898-0979.