To sign up for online banking, just click the link next to the type of account you have:

Personal checking, savings, money markets or loans:  Go here.

Business checking, savings, money markets or loans: Go here.

Any questions? Just call us at 866-4UMPQUA (1-866-486-7782) and we'll help you out.

To sign up for online statements, simply follow these few steps:

 If you're an Umpqua personal banking customer:

  1. Log in to online or mobile banking as usual (or click the Personal link above to sign up for online banking)
  2. Go to Settings and choose Statement Delivery
  3. Select any of your account(s) listed. On the Delivery Preferences window choose the E-Statement delivery method and input the email address you want us to use when sending the notification that the new statements are available.
  4. Accept the agreement
  5. Click Save and you're on your way!

If you're a business banking customer:

  1. Log in to Business Online Banking as usual (or click the Business link above to sign up for online banking)
  2. Go to the Reports tab and choose Statements & documents
  3. Click View and maintain document preferences. If first time enrolling, you will need to review and accept the Service Agreement.  
  4. Then select the Delivery Preference (i.e. Online) for each account from the drop-down menu, then continue to Verify Preferences and click Save preferences.

If you're a personal mortgage customer:

Please go to for more information or to sign up for online statements.