For your home

GreenStreet Lending can help you save energy and make your home more cozy. Find out what types of projects qualify or review loan options.

For your commute

GreenStreet Auto loans reward eco-friendly drivers with reduced loan rates for both new and used hybrid and electric vehicle loans. Find out more information on the additional benefits and loan options.

How it works

Get started by determining your energy savings options with a contractor. We'll help you through the process. Learn more about how GreenStreet Lending works.

For your business

GreenStreet Lending has financing options to help you save energy and improve the place where you do business. Find out what types of projects qualify or review loan options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers for the most commonly asked questions about GreenStreet Lending. See all FAQs.

Why we launched GreenStreet: At Umpqua we're all about investing in local communities and finding meaningful ways to foster sustainability, so GreenStreet Lending combines two of our favorite things.

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