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Here's how it works:

  • Before your search: While most lenders offer only a basic pre-approval, we certify your income, expenses, credit and assets up-front, so you can be confident you'll qualify for a mortgage in the price range you can afford.
  • During your search: With an Umpqua Purchase Advantage certificate, your offer will stand out from the pre-approval crowd - it shows sellers that you're credit-approved and able to buy.
  • After your search: When you find the right home, you'll be able to close on your purchase more quickly because so much of your mortgage qualification homework has already been done.

Purchase Advantage isn't just great for buyers--it makes life easier for sellers and real estate agents too. When the home lending process is streamlined and stress-free, everybody benefits. 

Being a step ahead can take you a long way toward buying your next home. Contact an Umpqua home lender today to get started.
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Umpqua Purchase Advantage is a trademark of Umpqua Bank and is a credit-only approval. Terms, conditions and restrictions may apply. Loan subject to property approval.