How can I avoid having important checks I write, like my rent check being returned unpaid?

We offer two options to avoid checks being returned unpaid: Bounce Guard Coverage and Overdraft Transfer Service.

Bounce Guard Coverage provides coverage for checks, recurring debit card transactions and bill payments. Bounce Guard Coverage is automatically included with most checking accounts. Your account is charged a fee for each item paid or returned up to a daily maximum. To ensure your everyday debit card and ATM transactions are approved, you also have the option to opt-in for Bounce Guard Debit Card coverage.

Overdraft Transfer Service allows for an overdrawn balance in your checking account to be avoided by transferring available funds held in another deposit account or line-of-credit*. Your account will be charged a fee for each transfer. Once established, the Overdraft Transfer Service serves as your primary source of overdraft coverage.

We pay overdrafts at our discretion, as defined in our  Overdraft Disclosure for Personal Accounts. You may opt-out of or waive any overdraft service by visiting your local store or calling 1-866-4UMPQUA.

Would there be a reason to have both Bounce Guard Coverage and Overdraft Transfer Service?

If you've linked your account to another account or a line of credit, Overdraft Transfer Service will be used as your primary source of overdraft coverage. Bounce Guard Coverage serves as an additional coverage in the event you exhaust your transfer account balance or line of credit limit.

What if I have multiple personal checking accounts?

The overdraft coverage you select is applied on an individual account basis. Our standard Bounce Guard Coverage is automatically available for each of the personal checking accounts you have.

Is there a fee for Bounce Guard Coverage, if I don't overdraft?

Nope! Bounce Guard Coverage is automatically available and you won't be charged a fee unless you use it. The same is true for the additional Bounce Guard Debit Card Coverage and the Overdraft Transfer Service.

What happens if I don’t sign up for any overdraft services?

Most personal checking accounts automatically include Bounce Guard Coverage for checks, recurring debit card transactions and bill payments (see the Overdraft Disclosure for Personal Accounts for more information). Opt-in for the additional Bounce Guard Debit Card Coverage to ensure that ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions aren't declined if you don't have enough funds in your account.
Note: We pay overdrafts based on our standard overdraft policy. We do not guarantee that we will always pay any type of overdraft transaction.

More questions? Call us at 1-866-486-7782 or visit your neighborhood Umpqua store.
*LOC transfers will incur interest charges at LOC current interest rate