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Big plans? Consider a HELOC with SmartLock

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If you are thinking about home improvements or other major purchases, consider using a Home Equity Line of Credit with Smartlock.

All of our HELOCs provide the opportunity to borrow based on what you need, when you need it. But rates are not locked in until you take action, and that’s where our SmartLock feature comes in.

Home Equity Line of Credit


A HELOC provides you:


  • Financial flexibility: You decide how much to borrow and how to spend it 

  • Payment options: Interest-only monthly payments available 

  • Closing costs on us: Umpqua will pay all standard closing costs*

HELOC contract


Our SmartLock feature provides you: 


  • Stability: Lock in low rates ahead of potential rate increases  

  • Peace of mind: Establish a fixed payment on principal and interest, so you know your monthly payment 

  • Up to 3 waived SmartLock fees (normally $100 each)

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Right now, Umpqua is offering rates as low as 2.49% APR* for a 12-month term. You can use the SmartLock feature to lock in rates as low as 3.25% APR* for up to an additional 9-year term. This promotional offer is only good through May 27, 2022. 


Contact your Private Banker to find out more or begin the process.

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