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With disruption from the COVID economy sparking an increase in payments and receivables fraud, it's critical that businesses fortify their financial operations against cyber security and internal threats. As your trusted advisor, we're here to help.

COVID Economy Trends

Payments and Receivables Fraud is on the rise

Disruption is changing the way businesses fight fraud

Fraudsters are using economic disruption as air cover to target businesses. They’re combining their expert knowledge of the banking system with digital technologies to increasingly find and exploit vulnerabilities in payments and receivables processes. Fortunately, you can fight back.


Engage a business banking expert to help inform your strategy for continued digital transformation

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  • Implementing best practices to prevent payment fraud.

  • Keeping cyber criminals from accessing your online credentials.

  • Detecting employee fraud as it occurs.


Umpqua Fraud Protection

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ACH Block &
ACH Positive Pay


Quickly identify and
block counterfeit payments



ACH fraud is becoming commonplace


Fraudsters are using advanced Phishing techniques to obtain business account information and siphon funds undetected.


Protect yourself


With ACH positive pay and ACH block you can add approved accounts, detect and stop unauthorized payments, filter or block unauthorized ACH charges, automatically reject all ACH debits from a specific account, and more.

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Positive Pay &
Payee Positive Pay


Review pending transactions remotely


Paycheck fraud exploits your physical payroll


Fraudsters are altering illegally obtained checks and adding their own name as an additional payee---then cashing them without businesses knowing.


Protect yourself


Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay are the most effective ways to combat financial loss associated with check fraud, empowering you to review and decline pending transactions remotely and more.

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Reverse Positive Pay


Get alerts any time a check clears


Fraudsters are exploiting small business blind spots


Economic disruption emboldening fraudsters, who are increasingly targeting small businesses with sophisticated cyber payment attacks.


Protect yourself


Designed for businesses with low transaction volumes, Reverse Positive Pay notifies you every time a check clears so you can immediately identify fraud.

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Umpqua Integrated Payments


Automated invoice-to-pay accounts payable


  • Minimize risk

  • Increase efficiency

  • Improve reporting

  • Streamline cashflow


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