• It's a promise to do better than anyone expects of us today, then do it even better tomorrow.
  • It's a belief in doing good, not just doing well.
  • It's treating every customer as if you've known them your entire life.
  • It's connecting people to their community, connecting neighbors to neighbors, and local, independent businesses to local customers and resources.
  • It's constantly surprising the world with what a bank can be and how a bank can actually be a part of a customer's life.
  • It's equal parts checking account and knitting club, commercial loan and local music source, IRA and Internet café.
  • It's understanding our customer's financial needs and at the same time realizing that there's more to life than money.

Here, fresh and unexpected is the norm - it's where an errand turns into a pleasant escape. It's making sure every customer who walks into our stores or commercial centers is a better person for having banked with us. It's thousands of associates, from Seattle to San Diego, the Oregon Coast to Eastern Washington and Nevada, building something that's never been built before. Something people can believe in and communities can feel connected to.

Join the movement. Umpquatize.