Community Giving Grants

Through our program grants, we provide funding to direct-service programming that fit within the target areas of giving outlined here. Making up the majority of our community giving, these grants support programs that show a strong community impact in our target areas of giving. A quarterly application process is open to nonprofits with programs that fit within the target areas of giving.

Impact Grants

To strengthen the impact of our existing Community Giving program, Umpqua Bank also makes larger, multi-year investments in targeted communities to address systemic issues related to the needs of pre-K - 12 youth. Umpqua Bank proactively seeks out partners in targeted communities to receive these grants.


Through the sponsorships program, we look for creative and engaging ways to support nonprofit events and community performances. These strategic gifts remain focused within the guidelines outlined below and provide mutual benefit for nonprofit beneficiaries and Umpqua Bank. Applications are reviewed twice per year (please see our timeline for review here).


Inquiries for gifts to individual K-12 schools should be submitted directly to the Umpqua Bank store located near the school. Speak with the store manager at your local store.

Giving guidelines

For all community support, Umpqua Bank will:
Make gifts to qualified, tax-exempt nonprofit organizations for work done in communities where bank associates have a presence. 
Place the highest priority on those applications that directly support our funding focus areas and goals. 
Support programs and projects that are clearly described. 
Make gifts in the general range of $2,500 to $10,000. 
Review all complete applications received during the stated cycle timing. 

Umpqua Bank is less likely to:

Make gift for general purpose or operating support.
Make multi-year commitments.
Make gifts over $10,000.
Make gifts directly or indirectly to governmental organizations.

Umpqua Bank will not:
Accept requests for:
    capital requests
        (bricks and mortar, technology upgrades, equipment, building upgrades) 
    endowment funds
    debt retirement
    political lobbying or campaigns
    religious activities
    memberships in civic organizations or trade associations
    courtesy advertising
    scholarship programs
    team sponsorships
    trips or tours 
    fundraising walks/runs 
    golf tournaments

Contribute to individuals or for-profit organizations.
Make grants to organizations that redistribute funds.
Make more than one gift (sponsorship or grant)  to an organization in a year.
Accept applications outside of our online application process.

Still think you're a good fit?

See our application deadlines and apply today.
Umpqua Bank respects and values diversity. Organizations seeking financial support from Umpqua Bank are asked to verify that their programs and services are offered without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, veteran status, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law, regulation, or ordinance.