What to do

1. Double-check the eligibility guidelines to confirm your organization is qualified and review the deadlines below
2. If you are applying for a program grant, complete a Community Giving Application


If you are applying for an event sponsorship, complete a Sponsorship Application*


*Please note that Umpqua Bank accepts one application per organization per year. Applicants should submit only a grant application or  a sponsorships application.


Please be aware of the following deadlines for grants and sponsorships:

Program grant requests
We review program grant applications on a quarterly basis. Umpqua Bank grants typically range from $2,500 - $10,000. Below are the deadlines for each quarterly meeting review:

- Requests received by December 31: decisions will be communicated around the beginning of March

- Requests received by March 31: decisions will be communicated around the beginning of June

- Requests received by June 30: decisions will be communicated around the beginning of September

- Requests received by September 30: decisions will be communicated around the beginning of December

Sponsorship requests
The sponsorship application is a two part process: We'll first ask you for a short overview of your event online, which we will review within 2 weeks from the date we receive your overview. You may then be invited to submit a full sponsorship application, which we review twice per year:

- Events occurring January through June: Full application deadline is October 15 , decisions communicated in November

- Events occurring July through December: Full application deadline is April 15, decisions communicated in May

Additional opportunities

Umpqua Bank associates are out in the community volunteering for a variety of projects.

Umpqua Bank's Connect Volunteer Network™ allows associates paid time off to contribute volunteer hours to youth-focused organizations, schools and community development programs. We believe our strongest partnerships often times begin with volunteerism and grow to include financial support.

If your organization could benefit from our volunteers, let us know.

Online Event Calendar
Umpqua Bank believes in promoting local, neighborhood events. Whether you have one event planned or numerous, we'd like to hear about them and help you spread the word. Post your organization's events on our Discover page.