Investment in $13.3 million of business energy tax credits ranging from lighting efficiency projects to start-up costs for local farm biodiesel production.

LEED certification

Engaged in LEED certification process for at least one commercial lender with intent to include more. Silver–level LEED certification of new South Waterfront store (the Innovation Lab).

Paper waste reduction

Our statements are double-sided, saving 4 million pieces of paper each year. Standardization of 30% post-consumer recycled copy paper purchasing.

Company buy-in

Employee-led umpqua.sustainability team focuses on review and change of internal process change and inspires associate adoption of sustainable practices.

Employee transit

Mass transit reimbursement for all associates living in areas where commuting by public transportation is an option.

Going digital

Research underway on migration to digital display of marketing collateral with near complete removal of paper collateral anticipated.

Fleet transport

Revised fleet car purchases to focus on hybrid cars, with first cars purchased in 2007.
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