Often banks are a person's first introduction to the financial world and the first opportunity to use good money management. If managed properly, a bank account can help open the door to other financial products we will want to use as an adult, such as a car loan or a mortgage.


The next time you sit down to pay bills, take this opportunity to teach your child important money management principles.

  • Have your child help you sort your bills and discuss from which account each bill will be paid. This is a great time to explain the difference between a savings and checking account.
  • Show your child where these expenses are in your family budget.
  • Have your child write one of the checks or pay one of the bills online with you while talking through what a check is or how online bill pay works.
  • After your bills are paid, have your child help you balance your checking account.
  • A visit to the bank to deposit any remaining money in a savings account would be an excellent field trip to end this activity.