Taxes can be confusing and often frustrating but they are a necessary part of our economy. Help your child understand the importance of taxes and the roles they play in our economy and day-to-day living.

Activity 1

Play a game next time you are driving with your child by asking the questions below. Then explain that some things are so big and important that everyone must help pay for them.

  • Who pays for this road to be paved?
  • Who pays for that school to be open?
  • Who pays for that police officer to keep us safe?
  • Who pays for that firefighter to help put out fires?

Activity 2

Consider taking a small amount of taxes out of your child's allowance. Explain that this is part of being a citizen and these taxes pay for important things.

  • You can put this amount in a savings account or use it to help pay for a family trip.
  • Putting these "taxes" towards something your child views as important will help to instill the lesson.