There is a good chance your child has visited your bank without knowing exactly what it was and what happens there. Help your child understand the importance of banks and the role they play in money management by turning your next visit into a field trip.


Walk your child through the bank paying special attention to various bank functions and the tools and resources a bank offers (or contact your local Umpqua Bank to schedule a guided tour for you and your child).

  • Start by explaining that a bank is used to help keep money safe.
  • Show your child the ATM and how it's used.
  • Approach the center counter and show your child the various deposit and withdraw slips available that tell a bank employee how much you are depositing or withdrawing and from which account.
  • Point out the bank's vault and explain that very large amounts and important documents are held in the vault.
  • Interact with the teller and help your child count out any money to be deposited or received.