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You like making investment decisions, but you also want an investment professional on your side and in your corner. At Umpqua Investments, your dedicated financial professional collaborates with you on a strategy, builds and manages your portfolio, and can provide ongoing advice as needs and circumstances change. Our team offers a common-sense, goal-oriented approach to investing - personalized just for you.


In creating your investment plan, we think about your entire life and the complexities you may face throughout your journey. In executing your plan, we bring together several important strategies to help you capitalize on opportunities, protect your investments and build your wealth:

  • Balanced asset allocation

  • Tax efficiency

  • Insurance

  • Diversification

  • Buy/sell discipline

  • Asset protection

Your financial future begins with the decisions you make today

We don’t just invest. We take time to get to know you up-front; this helps us better understand your needs and develop a meaningful relationship. We’re all about integrity, service and deep knowledge of the financial markets, which helps us create customized investment portfolios and wealth management solutions that are just right for you.

Here are a few ways we demonstrate these values in our relationship together.

Guiding principles you can rely on

Reframing risk beyond volatility


We help you identify opportunities that come from short-term and long-term swings, including helping you understand the limitations of an underexposed portfolio.

Active strategy for growing wealth


Many times, bringing emotion into your decision-making process can create inefficiencies, and sometimes even underperformance. We help you put a disciplined strategy in place, creating opportunities for exceptional investment selection and performance.

Positioning and planning for each scenario


By combining smart planning with a long-term investing approach, we help you make informed decisions based on data, interpretation and analysis, not emotional impulse.

A comprehensive, disciplined approach

You talk, we listen. Knowing what you care about most, we’re able to take a holistic and intentional approach to increasing your market confidence and savvy.

A truly independent financial professional

As an independent company, we're not bound to in-house products, mutual fund families or a singular investment philosophy. This allows us to create an innovative, personalized plan just for you.

Products and services

Throughout our relationship, you’ll have access to a range of offerings to help you take advantage of new opportunities.

Strategies and support


  • 24/7 account access through your laptop, tablet, desktop and phone

  • Needs-based financial planning

  • Risk protection, including protection of principal

  • Estate planning

  • Tax strategies

Product offerings


For more information on all our products and services, please refer to our Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS).

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