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Umpqua Wealth Planning


By looking at your situation holistically, we can tailor a plan that evolves as your needs change.

Growth is a mindset.

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In creating a road map to help build, protect and transition your wealth, we look at your financial situation holistically - and with genuine curiosity. We ask authentic questions designed to get at the root of your goals and values, challenge your current path and clarify your strategic choices. And we create solutions and opportunities based on alternative ways of thinking, serving as your guide at every stage of your journey.


To us, this means being innovative, informed and nimble in our approach. We believe the best solutions are aligned with your passions and philosophies. And the best opportunities are flexible and adaptable - ready to change with you as your life changes.

Recognizing your success. Validating your insights. Delivering viewpoints and guidance.

Together, we look at your financial situation holistically, develop a plan and propose solutions that may support your growth. We actively partner with your centers of influence — such as accountants and attorneys — to help manage the success you’ve worked hard to obtain.

We start by talking about you.

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Then, we discuss where you are in life.

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Using these answers, we create a custom-tailored strategy for you and the people you care about most through our five-step process:

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Products and strategies

At Umpqua, we believe growth is fueled by understanding. Knowing your purpose brings your complete financial picture into focus, and helping you choose the right products and strategies puts you on the right path for growth. Our offerings include:

Estate planning


We start with the fundamentals in building a plan that helps ensure your assets are effectively managed and distributed.

Education funding


Whether you're saving for private schooling or college, we help you craft a disciplined plan to help fund your children and grandchildren's education or other family priorities.

Business succession planning


We help you establish a sound succession plan to protect your legacy and achieve your desired outcome.

Cash flow analysis


By tracking your spending and analyzing the results, we can help you identify opportunities to improve cash flow and make smarter decisions with your money.

Insurance strategies


Protect your loved ones and assets when the unexpected happens with our smart risk management and insurance strategies.

Retirement planning


Balance living well now with retiring better, later. Your private wealth advisor can help you create a flexible plan that considers current cash flow needs and your dreams for tomorrow.

Plan. protect. grow. adapt.

It’s your journey that matters most. 
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