Community Loan Officer

David Long Jr.

About David
Seattle, WA

David Long has been a dedicated Community Loan Officer since 2021, channeling his passion for helping others into making homeownership dreams a reality.

He focuses on assisting first-time homebuyers and supporting military members and their families. He specializes in down payment assistance programs, FHA, VA, and credit-challenged home loans. At Umpqua, his role goes beyond traditional lending, as he actively collaborates with nonprofits and community-focused organizations to spearhead initiatives, events, and educational programs.


His passion for helping others extends to the community, where David works where he engages with organizations like Rise Together, Africa Townland Trust, Central Area Collaborative, and many others. David's advocacy for education and homebuying guidance reflects not just a job but a fulfilling passion, making a lasting impact on the lives of those in underserved communities. David is also a seasoned professional singer, having sold 250,000 copies of his last album in 2000.

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