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Fraudsters may be posing as Umpqua Associates using a spoofed number

We will never contact you (call, text, or email) to ask for your account information, password, username, or 6-digit access code. Receive a suspicious call, text, or email? Call us at (866) 486-7782.

Fraud Prevention

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Protect your personal information in person and online.

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Fraud can happen anywhere. If something doesn’t seem right, think twice.

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If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, contact us immediately at (866) 486‑7782.

Key Topics

Knowledge and action are critical when dealing with fraud. Here are a few key things to know about common types of fraud and how to fight it.

How to Spot Fraud

Fraud can happen to anyone, anywhere. It occurs when someone obtains access to your financial accounts, often by using your personal information, and conducts unauthorized transactions. Read more about common types of fraud and identity theft.

How to Prevent Fraud

Be cautious and protect your personal information online and in person. Remember that your bank will NEVER call, text, or email you to ask for your PIN, password, or other security codes. Read more about other easy actions you can take to protect yourself.

How to Report Fraud

If your account has been accessed without your consent, call us immediately at (866) 486-7782 for assistance. Here are other steps you should take if you are a victim of fraud. Taking timely action can help minimize the damage.

Lost Cards and Suspicious Activity

If you’ve lost your card or if there are unauthorized transactions, report it to us as soon as possible to have your card locked.