Foreign Exchange

Confidently manage your global cash flow and reduce the risk of exchange rate volatility

Whether you’re trading in dollars or exotic currency, Umpqua Bank can manage your foreign currency drafts, wire transfers and forward contracts, and assist you with more complex foreign exchange transactions.


Managing your cash flow across multiple currencies should be easy, secure and stress-free. With our foreign exchange services, you can make rapid international payments in major and exotic currencies with confidence.

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Foreign Wire Transfers

Quickly and easily send payments abroad in your client's currency. Funds wired directly to your client's account will be available immediately.

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Cash Letters

Clear and deposit foreign checks at competitive rates through our efficient cash letter service, one of the quickest ways to convert funds and access cash.

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Foreign Currency Demand Accounts

Conduct business more efficiently outside the U.S. by depositing checks in a dedicated foreign currency account. With dedicated accounts, you can make and receive payments without converting the currency, shielding you from unfavorable exchange rates. You can convert the balance to U.S. dollars at any time.

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NOSTRO Accounts

Receive payments in one of several NOSTRO accounts, which are accounts that we hold on your behalf with a foreign bank in that country’s currency. NOSTRO accounts make it easier to conduct business in a foreign country by keeping transactions within its borders. Payments in NOSTRO accounts can be converted to U.S. dollars or deposited in your currency account.

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Receive payment for your properly endorsed drafts, checks or traveler’s checks. Funds are available to you when Umpqua’s International Services Group receives notice that the item has cleared.



Fluctuations in foreign exchange (FX) rates can quickly squeeze your profit margins. Stay ahead of the volatile FX market with smart hedging strategies crafted by our dedicated FX specialists.


Forward Risk Acceptance Program (FRAP)

Hedge up to $5 million in foreign currency with FRAP, one of only two forward acceptance programs in the U.S. With FRAP, Umpqua will serve as your FX hedging bank for the entirety of your international cash cycle for both payables and receivables.



  • Up to one-year maturity on all forward contracts

  • A streamlined approval process that doesn’t require collateral or updated financial statements

  • Up to $5 million in annual hedged volume depending on the currency and maturity of the hedge


Forward contracts

Buy or sell foreign currency at a fixed exchange rate for delivery or receipt at a future date. Forward contracts let you lock in FX rates as soon as you enter into an obligation, removing the risk of exchange rate volatility. You can choose fixed-date contracts or 30-day window contracts.

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