Personal banking

   that lasts a lifetime.



Resources for every milestone in your life


Whether you’re opening your first savings account, taking out a loan, or buying your dream home, we’re there to help at every stage of your journey.


Umpqua meets you where you are.

Choose from a variety of account options designed to help you reach your goals, on your timeline.

Personal Checking

Your money, when you need it


  • Three unique account options

  • Access to Go-To bankers for advice on the go

  • Easy Online & Mobile Banking


Personal Savings

Accounts that grow with you


  • Three unique account options

  • Umpqua ATM Card

  • Earns interest



Home Loans

Ready to start the next chapter of your life?


We work side-by-side with our customers to help them buy, build, remodel, and refinance their homes. We’d love to lend you a hand, too.


Find a home loan
Family is getting ready to go on vacation

Loans & Lines of Credit

Money for what you need,

when you need it


Tell us about your strategy, vision, goals, and cash flow, and we’ll help you map out a game plan.

Using credit card at a cafe

Credit Cards

Earn cash or rewards every time you spend


Credit cards offer flexibility in how you spend. Get one that builds your credit and gives you perks at the same time.

Umpqua has your back, wherever you are.

Our powerful online banking tools make it easy to manage your money from here, there, and everywhere. 



A banker in your pocket

From lost cards to home loans, college funds to retirement—your Go-To banker is just a tap away.

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Mobile check deposit

Easily deposit a check into your account by snapping a photo of it with your phone.


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Simple to use

Pay bills, view transactions, order checks, and more at your convenience.