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Custom financing options for multifamily residences

Multifamily dwellings can be a great investment over time, especially when you find a foundational financing solution that’s aligned with your long-term goals. Our team of real estate funding specialists can help you through the process, whether you’re looking for a fixed rate or flexible payment structure.

What we offer our real estate partners

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Lock in early rates

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No impounds for taxes, insurance, or capital improvements

Steps going downward


Step-down prepayment schedules

Limited-recourse and interest-only options are available, as well as earnout options for properties with significant rental upside.

Financial advising you can count on

When it comes to the real estate world, consistency and speed win every time. We know timing is everything; that’s why we offer direct financing solutions where and when you need them, whether you’re interested in stabilized multifamily apartments, mixed-use buildings, or mobile home parks.


You can count on us to:


  • Learn about your long-term goals, interests and dreams to help you determine the ideal investments

  • Advocate for you before and during the transaction

  • Identify new market opportunities in your Western markets

  • Create efficiencies at every phase of the journey with our best-in-class banking services


Is a loan right for you? Our purchase, refinance, and cash-out option loans span $1 million to $15 million on stabilized assets, with a variety of fixed rates and flexible payment terms.

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Start financing your next real estate endeavor

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Powered by people, focused on your community


When it comes to commercial real estate, we know it’s essential to deeply understand your business’ growth plan and goals. We partner with you through the journey to find the right loan structure and custom financing solution for you and your local market.

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