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Fraudsters may be posing as Umpqua Associates using a spoofed number

We will never contact you (call, text, or email) to ask for your account information, password, username, or 6-digit access code. Receive a suspicious call, text, or email? Call us at (866) 486-7782.

Business Fraud Prevention

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Protect your business information in person and online.



Fraud can happen anywhere. If something doesn’t seem right, think twice.



If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, contact us immediately at (866) 486‑7782.

Key Topics

Businesses need to be vigilant about protecting themselves against fraud, cyberthreats, and other security issues. As your financial partner, we can help, but your knowledge and action can be powerful. Here are a few things to know:

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When it comes to business, there are any number of ways a criminal could do damage, from payment fraud to data breaches. The National Cybersecurity Alliance has useful tools to identify the risks in your business.

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Take precaution at every level. That starts with having a clear security plan and education for your employees on best practices. Read more about simple steps to protect your business; the NCA has good tips as well. We are your business partner, let us help. We have a suite of products to prevent payment fraud and reduce cybersecurity risk – find out more.

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If you suspect your account has been compromised, call us immediately at (866) 486-7782 for assistance. Taking timely action can help minimize the damage.