11/27/2023 8:00:00 AM | Community

2023 Warm Hearts Winter Drive Kicks Off

This week marks the launch of our 2023 Warm Hearts Winter Drive, an employee-led initiative that raises money and warm winter supplies for shelters throughout the areas we serve. Through in-branch and online fundraising, and business and community partnerships, Warm Hearts supports those in need throughout the communities we serve. 

A legacy of helping our neighbors

The Warm Hearts Winter Drive began in 2015 at Columbia Bank. Over the next 8 years, it raised more than $2 million and benefited nearly 70 shelters. This year, thanks to the merging of Columbia Bank and Umpqua Bank, we have the benefit of a greater size and larger footprint, enabling us to give back to more communities in bigger, broader ways. To date, the Warm Hearts Winter Drive has raised just over $2 million. Our goal this year is to raise an additional $300,000 for local shelters, and to gather a ready supply of warm coats, hats, gloves, and socks. 

Donations support partner shelters

On any given night in the US, more than one third of those experiencing homelessness are families. This year’s Warm Hearts Winter Drive will partner with more than 100 shelters to help families and other neighbors in need get through the difficult winter months. Whether it provides a nutritious meal, safe place to sleep, a warm blanket, or cozy socks, every dollar helps.

The need is great. Join us!

Donations are tax-deductible and stay local to help those within the community where they are given. For more information or to donate, stop by any Umpqua Bank branch or go to WarmHeartsWinterDrive.com