2/15/2018 5:00:00 PM | Money Matters

Why This Weekend is the Perfect Time to- Yes!- File Your Taxes

Got big plans for the weekend? Here’s an idea: You should carve out some time to file your taxes and turn this Friday into File Friday.

Wait! Don’t close your browser yet! Hear us out! Even though April 17 isn’t here yet (and, yes, we get two extra days to file this year), the benefits of filing your 2017 tax return early make this weekend a perfect time to get your taxes done. Here are four great reasons to file early:

It makes you safer: Identity thieves can file a fake return and claim a refund using stolen personal information and Social Security numbers. Filing as early as possible nips this in the bud, so it’s always the safe thing to do. But this year it’s more important than ever after the Equifax data breach. Doing your taxes gives you peace of mind.

Beyond fake returns, the IRS has good tips on avoiding fraud, phishing and other scams that are useful not just for tax time but year-round.

It helps you plan your 2018 finances: If you’re getting a refund, the sooner you file, the sooner you get your money and the sooner you can put it to work for you. If you owe money to the IRS, you have until the tax deadline to pay up, so the sooner you know what you owe, the better you can budget to pay it back. You can even create an automatic transfer from checking to a savings account specifically for paying your taxes.

It's easy: There are more resources than ever to help you do your taxes from the IRS Interactive Tax Assistant to our TurboTax discount for Umpqua customers. (Not an Umpqua customer? Open an account quickly and easily online.)

It’ll make you happier: Money is the biggest source of stress in our lives. It’s also the stressor we want to confront the least, but studies show that when we do, we feel better. Finishing your taxes doesn’t just put a big check mark on the to-do list; it gives you important clarity about your financial life.

TGIFF – File Friday -- from Umpqua! Don’t forget to take advantage of our TurboTax discount, too!