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Your 360° Commerce Solution is Here


Umpqua Bank is proud to offer Commerce360 from GoDaddy and Worldpay to our business customers.

This easy-to-use commerce platform brings your payment processing, marketing, inventory management, shipping, and other essential functions into one user-friendly dashboard. You’ll spend less time navigating multiple systems, and more time creating great customer experiences.

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    Sell Anywhere

    Sell in person or online with one system. Our smart point-of-sale options work anywhere. Transactions through your website, online marketplaces, and social media integrate seamlessly with your in-store system.

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    Grow Your Business

    Increase revenue with efficient inventory tracking across all channels, and easily reconcile transactions with your bank accounts.

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    Market Across Channels

    From emails to social media posts, even reputation management, our comprehensive tools let you manage marketing from a single view on your dashboard.

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GoDaddy smart point-of-sale devices offer all-in-one service for your customers. You can email and text receipts, refund transactions, and settle tips, all at the touch of a button.

Devices include:

  • GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal with dual screens, ideal for countertop use

  • N910 Point of Sale Terminal with 5” single screen, great for portability

  • Coming soon: GoDaddy Low-Cost Reader, connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet

Why Commerce360 is the Right Solution for Your Business

Multiple Payment Options

Accept any payment method, including contactless and mobile wallet. The days of “I’m sorry, we don’t accept that” are over.

Fast Transactions

Commerce360 keeps the line moving and reduces online cart abandonment. Your checkout process stays simple for customers and employees. The system automatically applies taxes and discounts, creating a streamlined experience.


Take payments in-store, at an industry trade show, or a local farmer’s market. Any member of your team can become a checkout cashier. Plus, you can check sales, stats, and inventory in an instant.


Customized Website with GoDaddy

Create a strong online presence with a custom website. Effective configuration and practical controls let you update easily as your business grows.

Simplified Bookkeeping and Inventory Tracking

Enjoy automatic bank reconciliation to ensure your records are accurate and resolve any discrepancies. Inventory is tracked across all sales channels, merging in-store and online transactions.

Access to More Than 70 Apps

The Smart Terminal App Center offers 70+ vertical-specific apps, from managing employee time and doing payroll to offering online booking and rewards programs to your customers.

Easy to Use, with 24/7 Support

You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes, thanks to an intuitive user interface and step-by-step tutorials. Plus, you can reach out anytime to get answers or troubleshoot issues.


Reliable Security

Rest easy with fully protected Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliance. Payment data and customer information are kept safe and secure.

Ready to get started?

Contact your local Umpqua Bank banker or call our digital branch at 866-645-1503.