Middle Market Relationship Manager

Jessie Lorenzo

About Jessie
Encino, CA

Jessie has built a successful career in Encino, California, helping clients navigate the opportunities and dynamics of doing business there – thanks to over 20 years of experience. He loves getting into the weeds to truly understand each unique business and industry in order to fully create financial solutions in the sincerest way. This honest approach has given Jessie a special advantage in creating lasting partnerships with his clients, landing him a nomination as 2016’s Relationship Manager of the Year.


He lives by the “golden rule”, where doing right by people means they’ll do right by you. So when he’s not tirelessly helping clients, he’s actively involved in Food Forward, a nonprofit that collects local food that would otherwise go to waste and delivers it to the communities in need. You can also catch him hanging with his wife of 20 years and two kids enjoying hiking, mountain biking and camping.