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Need to talk to your banker? Right now? Chat your Go-To.

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  • Embark Checking

    Simple and straightforward, a perfect account for anyone looking for no-frills banking.



    Monthly pricing


    Paper statements: $3 per month; waived if you are age 62 or older; $0 with paperless statement enrollment

  • Access Checking

    Versatile and ATM-friendly, Access has options for you to manage your money your way.



    Monthly pricing; or




    with 10+ debit card purchases/payments per month, or with one direct deposit of $500+, or with one mobile deposit of $250+



    Paper statements: $3 per month; $0 with paperless statement enrollment

  • Attain Checking

    An interest-bearing checking account with premium benefits and additional services.



    Monthly pricing; or




    with $15,000 minimum daily balance, or with $25,000 combined balance


    Paper statements: $0 per month

  Embark Checking Access Checking Attain Checking
ATM owner fee rebates

Up to $10 per month when maintaining average monthly balance of $2,500

Up to 4 rebates per month

Up to $25 per month

Check benefits
Complimentary Savings Account

Grow Savings with monthly transfer

Grow Savings or Thrive Money Market

Grow Savings or Thrive Money Market

Complimentary Cashier's Checks
Complimentary Incoming Wire Transfers

One incoming wire fee refund per monthly cycle

Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Discount


Bonus Interest on CD
Minimum to Open




Monthly Maintenance

No monthly maintenance fee

$5 per month

$0 per month with 10+ debit card purchases/payments per month, or with one direct deposit of $500+, or with one mobile deposit of $250+ 

$20 per month

$0 per month with $15,000 minimum daily balance, or $25,000 combined balance

Statement Options

$3 per month for paper statements; waived if primary signer is 62 or older

$0 when enrolled for paperless statements

Account details

$3 per month for paper statements

$0 when enrolled for paperless statements

Account details

$0 per month for paper or paperless statements

Account details

Your Go-To financial expert is here to help.


Umpqua Go-To is a secure, direct texting connection between you and a financial expert of your choice. It’s quick, easy to use, and completely confidential.


Just download the app. Pick your bank person. And chat them whenever you want. Just don’t expect an answer at dinner time—some bank people have “no phones at the table” rules, too.



No time to stop in to the bank? No problem.

  • Pick your Go-To

    Choose a financial expert who understands you, your life, and your money management style.

  • Ask away

    Your Go-To is game to answer all your questions. And because bank people aren’t bots, it doesn’t matter how you ask them. We speak emoji and text shorthand, too.

  • Keep in touch

    The best part of having a Go-To is developing a relationship with an expert you trust. They’ll give you advice and guidance tailored directly to your life and needs.

Meet your Go-To financial expert.

You can choose someone from your neighborhood, someone with the expertise you need, or someone who shares your interests. Our best advice is to connect with someone who can make you :) while they help you make the most of your money.

  • Merging accounts?

    "My partner and I got married last year and Jeff walked us through all the steps we needed to merge our accounts and finances."

    -Robert, Eugene, Oregon

  • Lost wallet?

    "I was headed into a presentation when I realized I lost my wallet. Texted my Go-To and by the time I got out, my card was closed, accounts were frozen, and everything was taken care of."

    - Marie, Portland, Oregon 

  • Buying a home?

    "We fell in love with our dream home but it was over-budget. Kathy helped us look at our monthly finances and figure out a way to make it work."

    - Diane, Redding, California

Chat your Go-To.

Any money question is a great question to ask your Go-To.


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