The right tools to help your practice thrive.

As a dental practitioner, you’re focused on two things: the health of your patients and the health of your practice. When you bank with Columbia Healthcare Banking professionals, you bank with people who understand what you need to maintain and develop a profitable practice.

Industry Expertise

We have the expertise and experience to serve you and your needs no matter where your practice is located. With dental clients all over the United States, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

To better serve you, we have developed a wide range of products and services tailored to the dental industry that can fulfill all your banking needs no matter your location, while still providing you the relationship and service you expect from a community bank. Whether you are looking to acquire or grow your practice, our knowledgeable team of bankers are available to discuss your options and customize solutions that work best for your situation.

Practice Solutions

Our goal is to equip practices with the products and services they need to address challenges and make the most of opportunities. You can rely on us to be the right banking partner for your practice.

  • Practice Buy-in Financing

  • Practice Improvement and Expansion

  • Equipment Financing

  • Practice Refinance of Existing Leases and Loans

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Practice Equity Financing

  • Practice Checking/Savings

  • Practice Credit/Debit Cards

  • Retirement Planning/401(k)s

  • Practice Investment Accounts

  • Online Banking

  • Bill Pay

  • Merchant Services

  • Night Deposit

  • Remote Deposit

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)

  • Payments for Payroll/Patient Payments

Acquisition Financing

Purchasing an existing dental practice comes with its own unique set of challenges and benefits. Our bankers understand these nuances and work closely with you and your team of advisors to ensure the transition to your new practice is as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Complex transactions like these require flexible financing solutions. We can provide a range of financial options suited specifically to your transaction. And like all of our dental loans, we can offer 100% financing as well as fixed- and variable-interest rate options.

Commercial Real Estate

As a dentist, you have worked hard to build and grow your practice. Taking the next step — ownership of the building where your practice is located — can prove to be a worthwhile investment for you and your practice. Our Dental Banking team is here to assist you in navigating the complex commercial real estate industry. Our dental practice expertise, combined with our deep knowledge of ever-changing local markets, makes us the right choice as your banking consultant and advisor. We offer customized plans and financing packages that fit your specific situation, whether you’re purchasing land or an existing building.