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Which Checking Account Fits Your Money Management Style?

We're not the same, so why should we have the same checking account?
We're not the same, so why should we have the same checking account?

Everyone might have a unique approach to money management, but we all have one thing in common: we need a checking account. That’s why it’s important to find a checking account that fits not just the way you bank, but the way you live.

At Umpqua, we built our checking accounts with people’s lives in mind – your needs, your activities, even your interests. So, which account is right for you? We posed that question to the experts on Umpqua’s Product team to help you find the account that fits your taste.

Whichever you choose, you can open an account online in as quick as 5-10 minutes.

Newbie: Your child is ready for their first checking account. You want something straightforward – easy to understand, hard to mess up – as they take an important step toward adulthood and independence.

Try Embark Checking. Only a $25 deposit to open and no monthly service cost. You can sign up for paperless statements in online banking at no cost, or pay $3 a month for paper statements.

Mover and Shaker: You use your debit card a lot and hit the ATM from time to time. You prefer having your salary direct deposited into your account and like the convenience of depositing a check using mobile banking.

Try Access Checking. Get up to four ATM rebates per month. There is a $5 monthly cost but, rather than having to keep a certain balance, you can waive it based on your actions: 10 or more debit card purchases per month, or one direct deposit of $500 or more per month, or one mobile deposit of $250 or more per month.

You can sign up for paperless statements in online banking at no cost, or pay $3 a month for paper statements.

Compartmentalizer: You like having a place for everything and everything in its place. You consider a storewide sale at an organization store to be a holiday. You set specific goals with specific plans of action and a spreadsheet to track it all. And you never, ever let your entrée touch your salad.

Try Access Checking: Get up to three complimentary Grow savings or Thrive money market accounts when you link them to your Access Checking, so you can have a separate Rainy Day Fund, Home Improvement Saving Fund or Mad Money fund.

Cautious Cat: You go the extra mile to ensure your security. You froze your credit after the Equifax data breach. You check your balance almost every day and always review your monthly bank statement.

Try Access Checking. It comes with a platinum debit card including a personal identity theft benefit, which offers reimbursement up to $2,500 for covered expenses you incur to restore your identity.

Perk seeker: You’ve got extra cash and you want to put every last penny of it to work.

Try Attain Checking. The $20 monthly maintenance cost is waived with $15,000 minimum balance or $25,000 combined balances. You also get free paper statements, a safe deposit box discount, bonus CD interest, no charge for overdraft transfers, complimentary Umpqua checks and a Platinum debit card.

World traveler: You’re as likely to use your debit card at the local grocer as you are an open-air market in Marrakesh.

Try Attain Checking: 0% international processing fees, complimentary incoming wires and complimentary cashier’s checks.

You can explore all the details – and open an account – on our Personal Checking page.

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