Equipment Finance and Leasing

Make the most of your capital with our creative financing solutions for business owners

Equipment and technology needs vary widely by industry — and even within industries. With a full range of products and diverse sector expertise, our team’s flexible, common-sense strategies help you acquire the assets you need to grow and thrive at terms that work for you.

What sets us apart

Innovative solutions


We offer a wide variety of creative financial structures tailored to your unique financial, accounting and tax needs. Our deep financing experience helps us custom craft a plan with optimal structures and terms, including heavily structured transactions that require more scrutiny.

Optimal benefits


We get to know your business so we can tailor our solutions to what you need most. Whether your priorities are freeing up working capital, adjusting fleet size as your business grows or capitalizing on tax benefits, we’ll make it happen.

Personalized guidance


With representatives in every major Western market, we’re able to bring individual service and attention to every relationship. We’ve each served a range of companies in good times and bad. The insights we’ve gained help us develop a personalized strategy for every major financing challenge.

Diverse sector expertise


Our expertise spans sectors such as transportation, gaming/casino, solar, manufacturing, marine and more. Regardless of your sector, we can recommend a structure that meets your criteria.

Terms and pricing

We seek investments in direct and syndicated lease and loan transactions, portfolios and single-investor tax leases.

Transaction size

  • $500,000-$20 million


  • First amendment leases
  • Tax leases
  • Finance leases
  • TRAC leases
  • Equipment finance agreement ("EFA")
  • Lease and EFA CapEx facilities
  • Sale-and-leaseback


  • Two to seven years for most collateral and structures
  • 10 years for specialized equipment
  • Finance leases
  • Advance rates up to 100% of invoice, including installation and delivery cost
  • Interim equipment purchases with Progress Payments

Credit profile

  • Sufficient and predictable cash flow coverage
  • Balanced and sustainable financial trends
  • Assets financed or leased to be integral to the business operation


  • Competitive using fixed and floating rates
  • Fixed rates at takedown based on swaps
  • LIBOR-based floating rates

Customer resources



What's the difference between a lease and standard financing?
Not much. Both allow you to pay for or use equipment by making a monthly payment. The main difference is ownership. With leasing, you are making a monthly payment to use the equipment. You'll typically find more favorable and flexible structures with leasing as opposed to standard financing.

What type of upfront investment is required with leasing?
Most leasing companies require the equivalent of two payments in advance. This is typically less than other forms of financing because down payments are rarely required, and delivery and installation is often included in the lease.

What happens at the end of the lease?
Depending on the structure of the lease, you will normally be able to purchase the equipment or return it to the lessor. Make sure you clearly understand your options at the end of the lease term before entering into a lease. Financial Pacific personnel will help you understand the alternatives available to you at the end of your lease.

Are there tax advantages to leasing?
There may be tax advantages, depending upon the structure of the lease. Financial Pacific helps you structure the lease that best fits your cash flow needs. We encourage you to work with your accountant or tax advisor to ensure proper handling of taxes.

What terms are available to me when leasing?
Terms can range from 24 to 60 months, depending on the equipment being leased. Financial Pacific can also structure the lease to fit your cash flow requirements by designing a payment plan that can include skipping payments or making seasonal adjustments.


Credit application

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Equipment insurance

Please fax proof of insurance to:

FPL Insurance Services
(305) 506-0094

The certificate should include the lessee’s business name, location address of the equipment, a detailed equipment description, dates of coverage and the contract number. Financial Pacific Leasing or its successors and/or assigns must be listed as Loss Payee. Please call (888) 423-6722 with questions.


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