Global Trade Services

Facilitate payments and manage risk efficiently and effectively

Trust is currency in international banking, as buyers want to receive products quickly and sellers want to be assured of payment. Our international trade services increase the speed and efficiency of international payments to keep your business moving with minimal risk.

Commercial Letters of Credit


Assure prompt payment and protection when doing business with unfamiliar trading partners with our commercial letters of credit. We can serve as your trusted liaison between buyer and seller, ensuring that payments adhere to specific terms and conditions.

Standby Letters of Credit


Secure your international transactions with a standby letter of credit, which guarantees the execution of a contract or payment obligation backed by Umpqua’s International Services Group. Your standby letter of credit is issued within 24 hours of approval.

Documentary Collections


Streamline transaction flows and reduce risk by letting Umpqua manage your documents and payments on worldwide imports and exports. An alternative to letters of credit or other payment methods, documentary collections give buyers and sellers a safe, efficient way to exchange goods and payments.



Securely manage your letters of credit and access documentary collection services 24 hours a day with our secure, user-friendly UmpquaTRADE online trading platform. You can process transactions or generate up-to-date reports at any time, protected by several layers of security.

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