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Liquidity Management 

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Put your excess funds to work and maximize your returns

Idle cash means untapped potential. Our liquidity management services make sure your funds are there when you need them—while ensuring excess funds are working to generate higher returns.

Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS)


Secure large deposits in FDIC-insured, interest-earning accounts while still maintaining access to your funds. ICS funds can be placed in demand deposit accounts, money market deposit accounts, or both, depending on your preference.

Investment Sweep


Begin earning competitive returns immediately by automatically transferring excess funds to an investment account each night. Because balances are fully liquid, you pull out cash whenever you need it. You set a target balance for your account and we'll take care of the rest.

Line of Credit Sweep


Use excess funds to automatically pay down loan balances and reduce monthly interest. If your account balance falls below your targeted level, we automatically transfer funds from your line of credit back into your account.

Money Markets/CDs


Preserve flexibility by investing in highly liquid money markets and certificates of deposit (CDs). Due to money markets and CDs being one of the least volatile investment options, they offer stability, security, liquidity, and potential tax advantages—all while earning you interest.

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts are designed to help eliminate manual transfers, reduce idle cash, and prevent overdrafts. Maintain subsidiary accounts, such as a payroll account, at a zero balance while concentrating funds in your operating account for disbursements or investments. Enjoy automatic fund transfers between accounts based on your balance and preferences.

Banking products built for your business

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Commercial Online Banking


Our comprehensive online commercial banking services allow you to easily keep track of your payables details. The Umpqua Commercial Mobile App lets you track invoices, check balances, search transactions, transfer funds, deposit checks to permitted accounts, and more. Get the peace of mind know you can conduct business from anywhere, at any time.

Commercial cards

Commercial Card


Streamline spending for travel, entertainment, purchasing, and fleet expenses using a single platform with our Commercial Card program. Count on our skilled team to determine the most effective mix of payment options and reporting tools to support your unique payment needs.



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When it comes to effectively managing working capital, the best results start with you. From analyzing your business’ payables and receivables to managing liquidity, the better we understand your business goals the better we can tailor programs to meet and exceed your specific needs.

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