Community Lending Officer

Lynell Bevels

About Lynell
San Francisco, CA

Lynell Bevels is a brilliant financial advocate with strong community connections. The Bay Area native has dedicated her professional life to helping individuals and families realize their dream of homeownership. For Bevels, it all started as a teen. That’s when she landed her first job in real estate working for a small, minority-owned development firm. Her mentor taught her how to navigate the complex world of city politics as it relates to property development along with the day-to-day mechanics of securing mortgage loans. As a result, Lynell regularly partners with community organizations and realtors to educate others on homeownership and the importance of responsible lending.


Outside the office, Lynell enjoys cooking, wine tasting along Oakland’s Wine Trail, and eating out at some of her favorite spots. An accomplished public speaker, Lynell often facilitates home finance workshops to help first time homeowners. Her reputation for integrity and her commitment to financial education have endeared her to the community.