Community Lending Officer

Sabrina Smith

About Sabrina
Puyallup, WA

Sabrina Smith remembers feeling anxious and overwhelmed when she purchased her first home. At the time, she simply didn’t have enough information to guide her through the process. That feeling inspired Sabrina to become a home loan officer because she wanted to help first time and low-income buyers feel more confident in their ability to purchase a home. Sabrina views her role as that of an educator, helping connect Umpqua with non-profit organizations, diverse real estate agencies and state-run organizations that specialize in helping low-income and minority communities increase levels of home ownership.


In her spare time, Sabrina loves to travel the world. She was married in the Tuscan hills of Italy which is where she developed a discerning palate and a love of good wine. Her other hobbies include cooking and trying new recipes, reading good books and working on her golf game. Her life’s proudest accomplishment is her large, loving family which consists of three adult children and seven grandkids. Because the family is spread across the United States, they pick a new house every holiday season to ‘destroy for the holidays.’