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Stop writing or printing paper checks.



Umpqua Bank’s check outsourcing services from Deluxe Payment Exchange will help you simplify your payment processes. With a few clicks, you have the option to have your checks emailed directly to recipients, or have them printed and mailed for you.

If your business is currently printing and mailing checks, explore this low-cost digital solution.

Reduce Fraud

Increase Speed and Ease of Delivery

Deliver checks instantly, from anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of paper checks.  

Reduce Fraud

Reduce Fraud

No need for physical check stock laying around the office. And for Positive Pay users, your issuance files will automatically be sent to the bank for verification – there is nothing you need to do.

Reduce Fraud

Integration with Existing AP Processes

Enjoy seamless integration into your business’s payment processing systems. You have the option of issuing payments through the platform directly, file imports or QuickBooks add-on.

It’s easy to get started. Follow these instructions.

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Choose how you want to pay

You have the option to pay using eChecks or Print+Mail Checks. Both options allow you to create and send checks at anytime, from anywhere. eChecks are delivered same day and Print+Mail will be issued same day if entered before the cut-off deadline.

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    Create and send checks to recipients through an email link.  

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    Print+Mail Checks

    Create your checks and have them printed and mailed on your behalf.  

How does an eCheck work?


eChecks are just like regular checks. However, they are created electronically and delivered to the recipient through an email link. Once printed by the recipient, eChecks contain the same elements as a regular paper check and are processed just like any other check. The recipient can can choose to print and deposit the check or convert it to an electronic deposit.

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Additional Questions

How much does it cost?

There are no enrollment fees for the service.  There is a small monthly fee and per item fees associated with each check issued. In general, the service eliminates the cost of paper checks, other inserts, envelopes, and postage. This can be a big cost savings if you used to rely on overnight or other expedited delivery.  

Monthly Maintenance
Payment Exchange Per Account $10.00
Transaction Fees
Issued eCheck per account
1-50 $0.60
51-100 $0.55
101-500 $0.50
501+ $0.48
Issued Print Check per account
1-50 $1.10
51-100 $1.05
101-500 $0.81
501+ $0.75
Print Check Postage Current Postage Rate   
Is it safe?

Using check outsourcing from Deluxe can help reduce the risk for fraud that comes from the traditional practice of issuing checks. It’s a highly secure platform for sending payments. Here are a few details to put your mind at ease:

  • There’s a proprietary stamp on each eCheck that allows financial institutions to verify authenticity.
  • Patented Cyber-crypto technology and EZShield® Premium Check Protection also protect against forged signatures and endorsements, as well as altered and counterfeit checks.
  • Maintain separation of duties with dual authorization, where one person creates the checks and another approves them,– further reducing risk.
  • It integrates with Check Positive Pay, so checks are automatically logged to your issue record as they are issued in the Deluxe Payment Exchange.
Where can I find out more?

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